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Blog 2: A New Chapter 09/24/21

Blog 2: A New Chapter 09/24/21

The Sun is peeking through the clouds.
The dew is fresh upon the leaves.
The air is crisp and clean.
Rays of light encompass my face and hope brews deep inside.
What a ride.
The Climax and Resolutions of this last chapter have been humbling, macabre and ghoulish all while being exquisite, delightful and so satisfying.
What the F happened these last two years…
and how extremely different my life is today.
For me, it is a Completely New Chapter...and it is refreshing and stimulating. 
There is a hope I have not felt for some time.
My mind is not heavy like it has been for so long.  
It is Uncaged.  
Vast...and oh soooooooo focused.
I have let go.
I am in the process of releasing and expelling that which does not evolve me forward...and the moment I do, what I actually needed...appears right in front of me.  Sometimes I hold on to something or someone so tight, but the emancipation of the negative gives birth to the dawn and I see and feel, the sun is peeking through the clouds.
I am lighter.
The act of surrendering and letting go is the most fascinating accomplishment.  What awe lies in the results.  There is no “known” that is  where the most beauty lies...the mystery...the I would have never known...the just what I need appearing before me when I thought I had just lost what was essential in survival.  It all cleanses the negative and I see the dew is fresh upon the leaves.
I can smell the daybreak.
The tears of the past have absolved the wound.
The healing is progressing.
The hike of the hill, while still up, is a magical waltz.
And Evolution is crucial.  Stagnation is unfathomable...and depressing, not my style.  I have learned I am not capable of surrounding myself with people that don’t want better...that are okay with just...lackadaisical existence...and the same thing over and over again.  You have got to jump ship sometimes and take a step forward and beyond.  Not away...but onward.  As I journey into the unknown, the air is crisp and clean.
It is freeing.
I am buoyant.
The Sunshine is Luminous.
What is supposed to stay with me will, what is not...will not.
Rays of light encompass my face and hope brews deep inside.
I have Survived...We have.
I have endured a period in time that has been inconceivable for all of us, it has shaken me to the core...hopefully enough to extinguish the expectations of tomorrow.  To free my mind of what I think is the future and to truly comprehend that I don’t know...succumbing to the anonymous. 
To enjoy the ride.
To Believe.
To Hope.
To be the good I wish to see...I must lead by example...and with love...without expectations, only values and my truth.
Veracity brings empowerment...the mirror can slice a harsh light upon me and cause my pores and blemishes to glint or the mirror can make me breathe in the beauty and is truly how honest I want to be...
how much action I wish to take.
How my behavior makes me Feel.
It is my Reflection.
Yes ~ a New Chapter is upon begin writing it…
I  must move Forward.
And Write.
*It is a never a bad idea to proceed onward while dancing...just saying*
Sunny’s Thoughts and Goals of the Week
Keep on Evolving

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