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Courtenay Pollock

Love on Haight is Privileged and honored to have the amazing ethereal artwork of Courtenay Pollock in our Artist Collective. 
We like to describe him at the shop like: "If the Godfather of Tiedye had a Godfather!"
He is truly someone that put tiedye on the "map."
Courtenay's art first came on the scene in the 70's when his tiedye art wrapped the speakers of Grateful Dead Concerts.  He has been tiedying for a VERY long time.
Courtenay and his art have been featured in COUNTLESS museums including San Francisco's very own DeYoung Museum for the 50 years of the Summer of Love exhibit in 2017.
You won't find Courtenay in the United States, he is currently now allowed.  Maybe when the laws shifts in favor of psychedelics...

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