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That Koolaid Guy

My name is David Cooney aka That Koolaid Guy, owner and artist of ElectrikKoolaid Dyes from beautiful Brown County, Indiana. Since becoming clean back in 2015 I decided I needed to reignite the spark of creativity by finding an alternate avenue of expression, I chose tie dye. I’d always wanted to learn so I decided to teach myself and found there's no greater high  than seeing someone wearing my dyes. So, in 2018 Electikkollaid dyes came to be. I love playing around with all different styles of tie dying and even my wife gets her hand in on some ice dying. It's a great way to spend time together putting our self expression into creating beautiful works of art. In my spare time I've also recently started my hand in tufting rugs. I have been a huge fan of Love on Haight since seeing that funky store front scrolling through my Facebook feed, so It is truly an honor to have my work here and being a part of the Love on Haight family! 
                                                             Love n Light!

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