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Ken Epp

My adventure into Tie Dyeing started in 2017 when my wife, who is an accomplished photographer and artist, became interested in Shibori. After watching her create amazing patterns on fabric I became interested. Having been a lifelong Dead Head I was not unfamiliar with tie dyed clothing. It was when she started experimenting with multiple colors and found out about ice dyeing that I jumped in and started what would become my latest obsession. 
Since that fateful day, when I made a huge mess in our kitchen and succeeded in ruining several garments, I have been a student of Tie Dye. I am constantly trying new folds, reverse engineering designs and using any tools I can find to help perfect my patterns. 
There are so many Artists I am grateful to for sharing their hard earned knowledge. Without whose generosity I would never have been able to begin what I hope is a long and fun filled adventure. 
Learning about color theory continues to help me immensely in furthering my understanding of this amazing Art.

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