Dancing Barefoot

Hi, my name is Christine Garrigan, and I am the owner and artist of Dancing Barefoot Custom Tie-Dye.

I started my tie-dye journey many years ago. In 1989 I was a recent university graduate with a degree in Visual Design, and I moved to California from Massachusetts. A friend sent me a box of powder dyes and once I learned the basics I was hooked!  It took about a year of practice, and lots trial and error, drawing on my visual design background and love of bold color until I developed my distinct style.

I started going to Grateful Dead concerts and became enamored with the culture, the colorful and exciting chaos of the parking lot, made many wonderful friends, and experienced incredible music. There was nothing so pleasurable as vending my dyes, and traveling from city to city on an epic adventure. It was huge loss when Jerry Garcia died, and I took a long hiatus from making tie-dyes.

I have had a few careers throughout my life, Visual Design, Bodywork and Caregiving, but I have always been dyeing, mostly as a hobby, gifts for friends and family. Nowadays it is my main source of income, my passion and joy.

I hope you find something among my collection that calls to you. May it become your new favorite and the first thing you put on when it comes out of the laundry. Wear it with joy and in good health.

Forever Grateful

14 products

14 products