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Trey Victor (En3ogen)

Trey 26 year old multifaceted artist and father originally from the bay area now based in butte County/chico area. Started making tie dye on and off for fun in September of 2018. Quickly fell in love and gained understanding for all the colorful possibilities he could curate with the artform. Creating under the name en3ogen ( a play on words of entheogen he hopes to inspire a purposeful awakening with the many different forms of art he chooses to express himself with such as painting, drawing, flow arts, fire dancing and whatever else he puts his mind to. Spending time with his children and making people laugh is something he cherishes in this life. Constantly looking to push the limits on whatever obstacle he is choosing to overcome. Always looking to break free from the "comfort zone" and see how far the line can be pushed. 

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