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Take a Tour of the Haight Ashbury with Sunshine "Sunny' Powers

Take a Tour of the Haight Ashbury with Sunshine "Sunny' Powers


If you LOVE the Haight Ashbury Community as much as we do, you will Love this Quick Video Tour of a few blocks by our owner, Sunshine "Sunny" Powers.

If you want the addresses and names of these shops, sites & more ~ see below the video, We listed them all out and added some extras!

Important Address & Awesome Shops here in the Haight Ashbury:

Historical Sites:

Sunshine calls these free blocks "Rockstar Alley"

710 Ashbury Street: Grateful Dead House (This is the house where the Grateful Dead became the Grateful Dead...they moved in as the "Warlocks" and rest is history...most only resided for about a year here with the longest being Bob Weir for 22 months...check out the hidden Bertha to the left of the gate before the driveway.)

712 Ashbury Street: Grateful Dead's Accountant (When the cops would raid the Grateful Dead house, Everyone would jump from the balcony to the attic and hide...because who is going to search the square Accountant's house.  The song Bertha was said to have been written in this attic.)

720 Ashbury Street: One of Sunshine's Old Apartments (in the back...when Sunshine FINALLY moved out of the Tenderloin she resided here and truly became a member of this amazing community.  She has since moved a few times since then, but will never leave the Haight Ashbury.)

719 Ashbury StreetHells Angels (Chocolate George ~ the President of the Hells Angels at the time ~ 19767 ~lived here when the Grateful Dead moved in across the street.  This is where the friendship with the Grateful Dead & the Hells Angels neighbors.)

715 Ashbury Street: Stanley Mouse & Owsley Stanley

635 Ashbury Street: Janis Joplin

619 Ashbury Street: Country Joe & the Fish

1524 Haight Street: The Red House from Jimi Hendrix Song


Epic Shops:

1400 Haight Street: Love on Haight

1399 Haight Street: Psychedelic SF

1452 Haight StreetPiedmont

1500 Haight StreetWelcome Haight Ashbury

1556 Haight Street: Mendels

1543 Haight Street: Held Over 

1573 Haight Street: The Love of Ganesha



 1418 Haight Street: Hippie Thai

1725 Haight Street: Alembic (EPIC DRINKS and a Scotch Egg!)

1398 Haight Street: Magnolia (classic and great beer!)

941 Cole Street: Zazie (I personally believe the best Pork Chop in town)

900 Cole Street: Cole Tavern (Solid with good Cocktails)





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