All Artist Bios


Here is a list of some of our Artists that are Online and In Store.  Remember we have different inventory for the online shop and the actual store with the store receiving more of our ONE - OF -A -KIND items....So if you ever get a chance to check out the shop, check out the shop at 1400 Haight Street.

Adam Unterreiner

May the colors and highly charged vibrations melt your head. Full Spectrum tie dyes are made in small batches with love for you by Adam Unterreiner. What a beautiful journey this is and it is an honor to create this beautiful art for all you wonderful souls.

Alana Palermo

May I’m Alana, and I create under the name Banshee’s House of Dye in Sacramento, CA.

In 2011, I received my BFA from the University of Montevallo, where I concentrated in Printmaking. I started tie dyeing in 2020 when I had too much time on my hands and a pile of dingy white clothes that I wasn’t ready to part with. I’ve never met a tie dye technique I didn’t like: liquid, ice, LWI, HWI, bleach, geodes, stitching… If I see it, I try it!  Banshee is my familiar, and cat, of 13 years, as well as my business partner. I found Banshee mewing on the sidewalk at 6-weeks-old while I was walking to a college class one afternoon. She began purring as soon as I picked her up and since that day has brought love to every person she’s ever met.

Android Jones

Android Jones began his career as an Independent Artist in 2005. He now lives in his home town of Lyons, maintaining a large art studio in a repurposed barn.  Best described as a “digital painter,” Jones has created an immense body of work.

Amber Arrington -- Jamber’s House of Colors

It all started at a DIY tie dye station at a hippie festival in May of 2015 and I haven't been able to put the dye down since!  I work a full-time day job and spend my days off creating unique masterpieces with love and loud music!  Music is an essential part of my work.  I picked up the nickname "Jamber" from co-workers because I'm always jamming something on my portable speaker.  When I am not working my day job or dyeing you will find me rockin my djembe at drum circles and road tripping to concerts with my handsome partner in crime.  Thank you for checking out my art!

Angie Miller - Tie Dye Terrific

Angie Miller of Tie Dye Terrific hails from the Columbus, Ohio, area and has been dyeing since her college years. Taking her inspiration from nature and abstract patterns, she loves to create tie dye designs that are "perfectly imperfect". When not playing with the pretty colors, she is often out on a trail hike, making her dog Ivy pose for pictures.

Ariana Furrie -- Sacred Vision

Hi! I'm Ariana, the creator behind Sacred Vision. I come from the suburbs of Chicago but my soul lives deep in the forest. The lush intensity of life inspires my color pallet and designs. I've been a creative soul my whole life but dove deep into tie dye in the summer of 2020. Every piece is mindfully crafted with intention to inspire and vibrate higher. My dream is to create full time and share my heartwork with the world!

Awesomeness Designs

Awesomeness Designs is the design company of Love on Haight owner, Sunshine Powers.  All items are designed and made by Sunny herself.

Baybay Dyes

The Ladies of Love on Haight would like to introduce you to our latest group of artists....US!  

Becki Robinson -- SheMakesShirts

SheMakesShirts is a Portland, OR based, women owned, mother-daughter team, having tons of fun creating rainbows on fabric for all to enjoy. We bring quality, uniqueness and our creative passion to each design. Although we just celebrated our one year anniversary of being in business, we strive to become a family owned operation for generations to come. We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we did making them! 

Breanne and Jonny Ross - Uplifted Mindz

Uplifted Mindz creates One of a Kind Wearable Art made with intention to match your unique soul.  Our goal is to create pieces that reflect your individuality. Each creation is carefully crafted to ensure an heirloom quality treasure. Our deepest creativity is inspired by our beautiful planet and ancient art & textiles. We pour all of our love into our work and we hope you feel uplifted in our creations.

Bruce Haynes

Charles Boykin -- Boykin Dyes

My name is Charles Boykin.   I enjoy doing finely detailed images and I have been tye-dying since 1985.

Charles Brine -- Corn Dog Dyes

I was born in Massachusetts but moved to NC when I was 10. Northern Born and Southern Raised.   I went to Johnson and Wales for culinary arts and restaurant management but got into tie dye while I was a pizza chef, it was something I was interested in and an easy way to knock out all my Christmas gifts :). It's been a crazy ride! The CornDog name is super random, a friend found a picture of a guy on the internet who at the time looked a lot like me.   He was sitting back in a computer chair, no shirt on, dangling a corn dog over his face. It looked so much like me, that even I had to do a double take. From then on people started calling me CornDog. I don't even like CornDogs. I think they are gross but it was a marketable name.

Cosmic Cotton

Cosmic Cotton is located in the heart of the Green Mountains in Vermont  We are confident that you will love our beautiful tie dyes and custom prints.

Delaney Nichols 

I live in a small town called Port Angeles up in Washington. I've lived here my whole life and love what the outdoors have to offer. When I am not working I like to go to the beach, go on hikes, cook and do tie dye of course. I have been heavily doing tie dye and running my business for over 2 years now. I am a very outgoing person and love bringing color into everyone's life. :) 

DomInique Rojas 

I have been blessed to have had a little sister who married the guitar player from Blues Traveler, Chan Kinchla. It was Chan’s guitar case full of random colored guitar picks that actually gave me the first aha moment! All of a sudden I saw the range of colors of picks and I linked that with my knowledge of making the big tile mosaics with kids in the public school student program that I spearheaded years before that gave me the idea. Music moves me, music heals, honestly  I don’t know what I would do without it!!  I have been making these guitar pick pieces for the past seven years and I am loving the journey!

Don Martin

Straight out of Syracuse, New York... Don Martin is one of our newest artists to hit the store.  In 1985 Don honed his skill, dyeing enough to support himself for a full summer Grateful Dead tour. Since then, his instantly recognizable designs have been a staple at shows and in the parking lot, enjoyed by countless lovers of the art.

Dye in the Sky

We started many years ago by making hand batiked shirts and selling them at Grateful Dead shows. Many of the shirt designs took on a life of their own.

Elizabeth Eckley - Dyenamic Dyes

Elizabeth Eckley is the artist behind Dyenamic Ties. A High School Art Teacher in Baltimore, who enjoys nature, jambands and travel! She loves sharing her optimistic outlook through natural flowing geode patterns in her dyes. On days when her hands aren't covered in dye- you can find her painting,  practicing yoga, or snuggling with her dog (assistant) Samoa!

Edcel DeLeon De Guzmal

Ellie Paisley

At a young age Ellie embraced the arts.  She received several art awards including the Pennsylvania State Scholastic Art Award for Editorial Illustration. Ellie set off on an epic adventure traveling across the country to music festivals to share her art with the world. Live Painting on stage is where she found her true passion, stuck in a moment where the hardest choice is whether to dance or paint - she knew this is where she needed to be. 

Fixation Fabric Arts

Fletcher Sigmon -- Salt-N-Sweeties

Fletcher Sigmon aka Salt-n-Sweeties tied for FIRST PLACE in our Tiedye Contest 2020. He bought a tulip kit in 2008 and was instantly addicted to the art form. It’s been his personal mission to cover the world in rainbows with sweet-ties and quality dyes.

Glenn Frazer -- Yummy Tie Dyes

My Name is Glenn Frazer and I am a Sagittarius. I have been making Yummy Tie-Dyes for 10 years, living in Tulsa Oklahoma. I am a former sound engineer in the Tulsa Area Live Music scene and a Dad to my 23 year old son. I was born in Pomona Cal. and raised in Santa Rosa Cal.,  but have lived in Oklahoma much of my life. 

Grassroots Hats

Grassroots is a clothing line bridging the gap between streetwear and counterculture fashion. We create inspiring apparel for those who choose to stand out, be different, and create their own path.

Gypsy Halos

The concept of GypyHalos began in 2010. Since then my journeys empower me to live a hippie lifestyle; From Massachusetts to Hawaii, Brazil, California, Miami, & New York., I am constantly searching for​ the next indispensable item to complete my next halo series. 

Gypsy Rose

For more than 30 years, Gypsy Rose has been weaving peace, love, and that good ol’ hippie vibe throughout the world. We are suppliers of kind goods, many made by cottage industries and family businesses across the globe, for kind people who share our love of this peaceful hippie mindset.

Hadji Henderson - Papa Hadji Tie Dye

We started Tie-Dyeing in the '90s; it began as a science project with our kids. Now it has turned into a love for art and color. After our kids have had kids of their own, our grandkids have joined in on the fun. Since I am the dye master, we are known as Papa Hadji Tie Dye.

Hannah Bunzey 

Hannah Bunzey is an artist based out of western NC. She primarily works in 2D mediums including markers and acrylic paint. She has been bringing her whimsical “Dreamscapes” to life since 2014, which are drawn purely from imagination and embody the spirit of visionary art. 

Headpieces by Ira


Ateş has been dyeing  since 2015.  An artist who left his corporate career for this job.  He lives in Turkey and is the only person who does tiedye professionally in Turkey. There are sales points in various parts of the world. IIt stands out with its unique style and hand-sewn products. You can find him as a Hoogaboogazone.

James Hunt -- Too Heady Crew

I'm James, designer and Co-owner of Too Heady Crew. We're from the Nationally recognized tourist hot spot, Lake of the Ozarks, and started our independent brand here in June 2019. From clothing and apparel, custom jewelry and gemstones, to an array of decorative items for your home, belongings, and body, we believe in spreading beauty to beautiful people helps to build a beautiful world!

Japheth Lactaotao Lonzanida

Manila, Philippines based tie-dyer since 2011. Tie-dyeing is his way of living, supporting his family and spreading the good vibes and inspiration to everyone.


Jayli Imports is a small family owned business.  We started out by selling hippie clothing at grateful dead concerts and farmers markets.  To this day we still attend festivals to share our wares.  Jayli has always cared for the people, product and professional standards.

Jen Wells -- BlackDog Dyes

Blackdog Dyes is the amazing artwork of Jen Wells from Handmade in West Virginia (cue Country Roads). Jenn Focuses on ice dyed apparel for men, women and children… She also makes candles and fresh dipped incense.. and wishes Peace & Love to all that wears her magical dyes!

Jenifer Engle -- Jengle Tiedye 

Jenifer was born into an artistic family in East Aurora, NY, fell in love with tie dye at a young age while touring with the Grateful Dead. Though it would be years before she would tackle this medium, Jenifer studied and graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Visual Communications. Fast forward to 2011 and helping her daughter with a school tie dye project, this is where her obsession began. Her love and knowledge of color set the stage for an endless journey into the world of tie dye.

Joe Ornellas -- Janis Loves Tiedye 

Hi my name is Joe I am the owner of Janis Loves Tie Dye. I named the company after Janis, my dog, so that after she is gone she will always live on in the world for everyone to love as much as I love her. So about 2 years ago,  We had a house fire that took everything and Janis needed shirts to cover her cuts after surgery. After making some shirts for her and a couple of close friends, they pushed me to try and sell some down by the beach in ocean beach. Janis has grown to be a part of the community of ocean beach, San Diego. I put a lot of love and time into making each piece by hand with the hope that whoever sees it out in the universe can feel that positive energy coming through.

Jolene & Bobby Wellard -- Home Town Tie Dye

Bobby and Jolene have been Tie Dying since 2003.  Now, more than a few years later.....with many miles traveled through the summer months, lifelong friends made and 3 boys added to our family, we are still going strong with our love of color and spreading happiness and color wherever we go. Our motto has never changed throughout the years. It is “Happiness Through Color” and we absolutely love what we do!

Josh Wojcik -- Barefoot Lazer

My name is Josh Wojcik and I’ve been tie dyeing under the name Barefoot Lazer Tie Dye since 2011.  The name was chosen as an homage to the Barefoot Lazer Commune, a group of friends and family that are now scattered around Washington’s Puget Sound area and beyond. I currently live in Eugene, Oregon, where I am creating new, one-of-a-kind works of art on a daily basis. I am a regular vendor at the Eugene Saturday Market, the oldest open-air crafts market in the United States.  Tie Dye provides me with a creative outlet and gives me a healthy place to focus my energy.  I am forever grateful for the people it has allowed me to meet and the experiences it has provided for me. I am honored to be a part of the team at Love on Haight. When I’m not tie dyeing, I’m likely playing my guitar.


My art ranges from conceptualizing imagery to developing custom textiles. I am dedicated to improving the quality and diversity of what I have to offer as an artist.

Justin Ries and Charlie Pasun

We are a nomadic family living in a converted city bus. We have been creating art together since early 2020. Justin folds and Charlie dyes. We primarily use rubber bands or hemostats with the hot water irrigation method. Using a tea kettle and turkey baster.

Karen Dillingham - West Wind Tie Dye

I like to envision the joy of people wearing my tie dyes as I make them. I infuse them with that good energy.  I am honored to have my work in Love on Haight.

Kegan Ochoa -- Trippy Hippie Tiedye

I am the Trippy Hippie, I try to keep not only my work but also my life colorful and trippy! My goal is to spread smiles with my rainbows and to spread love where I can through my work and my actions. I encourage all to stay weird, stay trippy and be kind. 

Kenneth Epp -- Ken Epp

My adventure into Tie Dyeing started in 2017 when my wife, who is an accomplished photographer and artist, became interested in Shibori. After watching her create amazing patterns on fabric I became interested. Having been a lifelong Dead Head I was not unfamiliar with tie dyed clothing. It was when she started experimenting with multiple colors and found out about ice dyeing that I jumped in and started what would become my latest obsession. Since that fateful day, when I made a huge mess in our kitchen and succeeded in ruining several garments, I have been a student of Tie Dye. I am constantly trying new folds, reverse engineering designs and using any tools I can find to help perfect my patterns. There are so many Artists I am grateful to for sharing their hard earned knowledge. Without whose generosity I would never have been able to begin what I hope is a long and fun filled adventure. Learning about color theory continues to help me immensely in furthering my understanding of this amazing Art.

Kristen Ryon -- KOAS 

My name is Krs10, I'm a tie dye & macrame artist; owner of KreationKaos. Kreating is my kalm place, it's my therapy. I've been Kreating since I was 6. In all the Kaos I find inspiration to kreate.

Kristin Wagner -- KkTieDyeCo

I’m Kristin, and this cool cat is Kadence.  Together, we are Kk Tie Dye Co.  Our little business started as a fun project for us to try out together and has manifested into a magical world of rainbows for us.  Kadence is my biggest fan and she is my muse. Our goal is to spread peace, love, and rainbows around the world.  We are honored and forever grateful to be a part of the Love on Haight team.  We hope you love our pieces as much as we love making them. 

Laurainbow - Lauraine Alden

Inspired by rainbow consciousness and street artists in her native Bay Area, Lauraine Aïssata Alden founded Laurainbo Crystals in 1984 in Humboldt County and has been based in Berkeley since 2008. Following her childhood passion for beading, she lovingly handcrafts beaded crystal prisms in a magical garden setting overlooking a scenic creek and delivers them for sale at local shops and beyond. Besides being a full time craftsperson, Lauraine is a loving Mom and Grandma, a music lover who has hosted a radio show, through which she forged a deep connection with a world renowned musical family in Senegal. Lauraine worked for a time at Positively Haight Street (now known as Love on Haight) and enjoyed meeting the diverse clientele at the shop. She is rewarded by knowing these simple gifts of rainbow light bring joy, healing and good luck to people around the world.

Liquid Blue

Over 31 years ago we started out making tie-dye t-shirts for the Grateful Dead.  Here at Liquid Blue, rock and roll has been at the forefront of our creative palette but we are still busting at the seams with tons of other art for all tastes and styles.

Little Hippie (Taylor Swope)

Inspired by a love of music, awe for the wonderment of children, and a deep faith in the value of playing outdoors, Little Hippie has grown in the years since to become a lifestyle and a movement, here to foster creativity and to nurture the magic inside all of us. 

Lobo Hoodies

Made here in California by our Friend Tommy, these hoodies are ONE OF A KIND.  We are the ONLY place that carries Lobo Tiedye Hoodies...yes that is super special!

Lux Muse

Coming to you from Los Angeles...these coats are all one of a kind and made just for us.  They are loose in size.  In our Brick and Mortar shop, these are one of the first things people just go up and grab.

Marcus Rolson

Washington is in the HOUSE!!  This is some Chemistry Stuff right literally, Marcus melts the dye on these shirts.  We can't really explain it but man...are they AMAZEBALLS!

Mark Ringwood - Mark Ringwood Batik

What can we say about this amazing artist Mark Ringwood...besides...BATIK!  Straight from Skaneateles, New York...say that 3 times fast...try once!  Batik is a form of tie dye using wax to help create these designs.

 MaryBeth Osburn -- MaryBGoRound

 Hi! I'm Mary Beth Osburn, owner of Marybgoround Tie-Dyes that was founded in 2019 in Alma, Colorado (the highest incorporated town in North America with the finest snow for dyeing) I fell in love with Tie-dye many years ago because of the jamband music scene and hula hooping!! I've always loved dressing up, hula hooping and going to live concerts. I would see some of the dopest tie-dye at live shows and I became mildly obsessed and thought.."hey, I think I can do that!" So, here I am making beautiful creations that I always dreamed about! I am extremely grateful to be a part of the Love on Haight family and I aspire to make this world a brighter place! 

Matt Thrash

Matt Thrash, artist in the Black Hills of South Dakota, added tie-dying to his repertoire of art in 2018 when his tween daughter requested a “cooler” tie-dye than her school band project was creating. (We think they succeeded.) He has been an artist all his life, working in many mediums including skin, paint, clay, fabric, rocks, silversmithing and medal casting. He and his wife Cathy own and operate two tattoo shops in Rapid City, where he is the lead artist and she is the Shop Mom with side-gig of spiritual coaching and reiki. They love to pile into their VW bus with their son and daughter and their two boston terriers, and travel and camp whenever they can. 

Meredith Perrotto -- Soul Shine Maine

Meredith Perrotto is the owner, artist and color extraordinaire at Soul Shine Maine, located in Southern Maine. Born, raised and educated in New England, Meredith has been pursuing her love of art, music and outside ideas since her earliest years. She uses this passion to fuel her handmade business and create her beautiful and unique “wearable” art. Soul Shine Maine is 100% Made with Love using only the highest quality, long lasting fabrics and dyes. 

Michael Martelli 

Michael comes to us from Pennsylvania 7 has been tiedyeing since 2016.  He uses both ice & liquid dyes (ice for tapestries & liquid for most clothing).  His favorite part of the process is the reveal!

Mission Rain

Morris Pierce 

Mr. Tie Dye

My name is Carl McClellan aka MrTieDye.  I am an Oregon dyer and have been twisting tees and splashing dyes since 2000. I fell in love with the process of tie-dye from the very beginning. The ability to think a thought and then be able to bring the vision to life on a tee shirt or tapestry was just amazing to me.  Tie-Dye has become part of who I Am, it allows me to express my creativity with the World.  

Nathan Riggle -- Damily Dyes 

Creating original art is what we like to do. Prints, shirts, tie dye and any combination between. 

Noah Balayti -- OG Tie Dye

One of a kind tie dyes hand dyed with love from Noah of Colorado.

Olivia Minster -- Dire Wolf Dyes

Hey, I'm Olivia, the boss lady behind Dire Wolf Dyes! I have dabbled with art my whole life, but really connected with tie dye. I opened my shop in 2018 and was able to pursue my rainbow dream full time in 2020. I love being able to share a piece of my heART with you! 

Orli-- Westsidye

Hi! I’m Orli, and I dye under the name Westsidye. My art is inspired by the people, places, and things that I love from where I grew up on the Westside in Los Angeles, California. Tie-Dyeing brings me an abundance of joy and peace, and by sharing it with others, I hope it can bring the same to them. I recently moved to San Francisco and love stopping by Love on Haight, so if you see me there, come say hello!

Patsy Mull -- Mamas Mad Dyes

My name is Patsy! I started to tie dye because I had a couple pairs of tie dye yoga pants and thought I wish to make my own. I started off just playing around with my kids and liquid dye. Now I’m a full fledged maniac using ice dye method as my main medium.  

Philine - Philine Rauh

Philine Rauh is the daughter of two artist immigrant parents in Marin county, California. Being surrounded by art and creativity it became her passion to be a designer.

Ravan Alexandra

Established in 2020, Ravan Alexandra X Fashion strives to bring unique, one of a kind tie dye fashion to the world.   Ravan puts lots of love and careful attention in each item and she hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoys bringing it to you!

April & Mike Spangler -- Psydye

We are April & Mike, full-time tie dyers from Morongo Valley, California, on a mission, living our passion, to cover the world with rainbows! Section 119

Beyond making great clothing for fans like us, we want our business to be inspired by the principles that made Phish and the Grateful Dead successful. Through a respect and passion for our craft, we aim to serve the community, have fun, be playful, take risks, do new things, and be part of a bigger message of taking care of each other.

Section 119

Beyond making great clothing for fans like us, we want our business to be inspired by the principles that made Phish and the Grateful Dead successful. Through a respect and passion for our craft, we aim to serve the community, have fun, be playful, take risks, do new things, and be part of a bigger message of taking care of each other.

Sam Mehalko

My name is Sam Mehalko. I’ve been tie dyeing and making rainbows since 2017. I fell in love with the art of dying immediately after my first try. I became obsessed with improving my art and developing my own style. I quickly gained a large online following and the rest is history. I moved my workshop from my house to a storefront in May of 2018. Instead of focusing on retail, I focus on wholesale and vending music festivals. I use my store for a classroom studio and teach others the beautiful art of tie dying. 

Samantha Learned - Boujee Hippie Tie Dyes

Hi! My name is Samantha and I am the owner of Boujee Hippie Tie Dyes in Central New York. I  have enjoyed tie-dyeing ever since I was a young Girl Scout when my Mother/troop leader introduced it as an activity. I continued to tie-dye casually throughout the following years, but my passion for the art really started to develop after taking a break from my career as a Registered Nurse to focus on my mental health. During this downtime, I found myself drawn to the craft, quickly becoming entangled in endless hours of tutorials, experiments, and colorful messes. After countless hours of practice, and with encouragement from friends and family, I decided to start selling my products. I established my small business in January of 2020, began selling online, and shortly thereafter, became a vendor at a local shop in my hometown. It has been an incredibly challenging, yet rewarding experience that has brought me a tremendous amount of joy.

Steven Ludwig – Shine on Dyez

Straight out of Baltimore, MD, Shine On Dyez founder, Steven Ludwig, creates high-contrast, vibrant, ice dyed tie dyes.  Since its inception in 2017, Shine On Dyez has helped influence tie dye culture in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area and beyond.  Put your self-expression front and center, and get your Shine On!

Skylar Briones-- Sunshine Tie Dye 

Hello, my name is Skylar and I have been tie-dyeing, doing DIY projects and making other crafts for most of my life. I enjoy bringing a kaleidoscope of color to the world around me with the skills I have learned working with my mom to create my unique style of Ice Dyeing!

Sonin Johnson -- Nomadic Blue Designs

My name is Sonin. I am a textile artist living in Petaluma. I love making tie dye because the outcome is hard to predict & it feels a little like magic every time you unwrap a new piece.  The process also has an old fashioned quality about it that feeds my happy old hippy soul. 

Taylor Capshaw

Timofey Malyarov

Torfi Gunnarsson -- Torfi Tie Dye

I have tied the fabric in time and colored a spectrum of rhymes. Feeling a sense of eternal illumination enhanced in the ever-expanding artistry of the universal consciousness.  I am a part of a song, a painting, a self portrait of a dancing landscape.

Trey Victor

26 year old multi-faceted artist and father.  Originally from the Bay Area now based in Butte County/Chico area. Trey started making tie dye in September of 2018 and quickly fell in love with and gained understanding for all of the colorful possibilities he could curate with the artform. Creating under the name en3ogen (a play on words of entheogen) Trey hopes to inspire a purposeful awakening with the many different forms of art he chooses to express himself with such as painting, drawing, flow arts, fire dancing and whatever else he puts his mind to. Spending time with his children and making people laugh is something he cherishes in this life. Constantly looking to push the limits on whatever obstacle he is choosing to overcome. Always looking to break free from the "comfort zone" and see how far the line can be pushed.

Wade Gruhl

Wade Guhl lives and works in Alaska. He started dyeing in 1988 with intention of helping cover the costs of Grateful Dead tour. His kaleidoscopic designs involve a variety of techniques including liquid, ice and snow dyeing. His process oriented work often involves multiple overlapping designs, and he applies pressure in unique ways. One of his goals is to recreate aspects of your wildest trips on fabric. When people ask “how did you do that?”, he likes to say “I think it was something I ate.”

Warrior Within

Warrior Within and the creations born from its wings are an extension of a continued healing and spiritual journey.  These creations begin as lucid dreams and carefully manifest themselves into physical form.

Xena Olson - Xena's Tie Dyes 

Tie dyes are like rainbows, candy to the eye, attracting happy energy from all who pass them by.

Love begins the process, it starts out all the same, raising that pH, to brighten up your game.

Using simple math, the stuff we learned in school, a protractor, a compass, and a little bit of swirl.

Break out a guitar, you may not ever play and begin to write a song of color for display.

The fiber meets the dye, covalent bonds are formed, just to make you happy, your heart forever warmed.  Wrap them up with love, overnight they will dine, the world can be changed, one tie dye at a time.

Zach Wright -- Tie Dye Zach

I'm Tiedye Zach!  For over a decade, I’ve been dedicated to the practice of channeling nature's beauty through tie-dyed fabric. Nature expresses itself with seemingly infinite patterns and colors. I aim to add to that display through my work with hand dyed fabrics. Thank you for all the continued love and support,  it fuels my life’s passion to create!