Love on Haight

The Largest Collection of Tiedye in the World!

Fashion that makes you Happy!

Love on Haight ~ 1400 Haight Street ~ San Francisco

175 Artists in ONe Location!

Rainbows Make People Smile!


Fashion that Inspires Smiles.

Fashion for your Inner Magic!

1400 Haight Street ~ San Francisco ~ California

Love on Haight is an Artist Collective supporting over 175 artists from around the world. 

We believe in Ethical Fashion with most of our items being cut & sewn right here in San Francisco & even more being One of a Kind. When you buy from us, you support artists and locally made items!

Artist of the Month

Glenn Frazer (Yummy Dyes)

This is NOT a picture of Glenn, but we are going to get a good one in just a couple days when WE FLY HIM OUT TO US...We are sooo excited to celebrate and finally meet one of the FIRST artists to our collective. We just added some fresh new dyes! Make sure you check them out!

Tiedye so good you may Eat it!

Come Visit our Psychedelic Prismatic Palace!


Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:30amish-7:30pmish.

Friday-Sunday: 1amish-8pmish

("ish" makes it easier!)

*To contact us please email:

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Since most of our items are "One of a Kind" ~ They Sell Out!

Make sure you hit the "Email When Back In Stock" so we know what we need to make more of as well as let you know when we have restocked art from the Artist!

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