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Small Ken Epp Princess Dress #7

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Get ready to shut up and sit down when you see this AMAZING TIEDYE!

First we start with the dress, designed by Love on Haight Owner, Sunshine Powers under her Awesomeness Designs Label.  The Dress is out of American made Organic Bamboo ~ made here in San Francisco with a built in bra.  If you need extra coverage Sunshine recommends a "bralet"

Now to the tie dye.

These are tiedyed by the AMAZING Ken Epp using the tie dye technique of HWI aka Water Irrigation which uses very hot water, powered dye & soda ash...all sprayed through a hose, hitting the dye at the same time.  The dye needs NO time to set so there is no movement in the dye, it simply stays where it is sprayed.

The result is this EPIC-NESS...WOW!

All Dresses are ONE OF A KIND.

Size:  Small


For Sizing..just remember...a large may hit up to a 2xl...a medium fits someone who is 5'11 and 180lbs...the bamboo makes these PRETTY flexible!

Small Ken Epp Princess Dress #7
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