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About The Diaries of Sunshine Powers/ Intro

About The Diaries of Sunshine Powers/ Intro


Good Day,

My Name is Sunshine Powers and I own Love on Haight on the intersection of Haight and Masonic. 

I am beyond blessed to have the privilege of being “Keeper of the Corner.”

It is a true stroke of luck that I am where I am, and while it is a gift, there is also a weight that it carries that sometimes causes my shoulders to I work really hard on my core to ensure I can handle the pressure.

There are times where I weep in the corner due to the despair of never being able to keep up, no rest, no stillness...but more often than not I bathe in sunlight as it hits my face, I am grateful for where I am and the good I get to witness on a daily basis...the magic that I take in at every moment...the LOVE that I feel…and I simply appreciate any small moments of quiet that I may take in.

In all honesty...Love on Haight puts me at awe.  Even the Ying and the Yang of it all.

I started writing even before I started here at the shop in 2012.  I began my diaries in 2010 when I lived in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.  

I would like to state first and foremost that I am NOT the same person that wrote the Diaries of a Tenderloin Princess...that was a different chapter of my life.  I would not dare speak of some of the things I spoke of…or at the very least put into writing...YOKES!

But I did back then and I own it...just please note: the person before you now has you read towards the end of my Tenderloin Diaries you will notice...I quieted...I shifted…

When I purchased Love on Haight fully in 2017, it changed my life.

My party days were over and my dedication to the work chapter of my life had begun….

I have always worked a lot, but Love on my is my everything.  

I truly believe that no one understands what I have given to this shop...what I endured, what I have had taken away from me, the hours, the years...the physical and emotional pain...the shifts…

(Please note: I don’t expect anyone to comprehend  what I have contributed only because no one can truly get what anyone else has given, we only know for ourselves…)

What I am saying is that when it comes to the success of Love on Haight, I know I deserve it for what I have put in...I have worked, damm fucking hard...almost every day since I first stepped foot in that shop, on my corner, all those years ago.

So this is my new chapter, not about the craziness of where I live, the fun that I experienced and the lessons of it all…

But of the responsibility of Love...and the Beauty of it.

I will try to break it up with some “Tie Dye Telemundo” cause we all need to laugh and the stuff we see on the corner is...I mean one can’t make this stuff is banana pants!

These Diaries will be that of how I got here, the awe that I witness daily, the teachings that I learn along the way...and how I have been able to surrender to the notion that no matter what the question…

LOVE is the answer that I seek.

I hope your Enjoy….

Sunshine “Sunny” Powers

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