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Sunshine's Closet Princess Dress #4

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Welcome to Sunny's Closet!


HAND SEWN BY SUNSHINE worn for a fashion show...has hooks on back to hook on any attachment.

Sunshine started designing her famous dresses years ago, they are what she is known for.  

So she is offering her closest at a HUGE deal!

***a portion of these sales will be donated to our foundation ~ Colors of Love***

These dresses are USED & WORN!  Sunshine has a small/medium upper half and a large/XL bottom half. 

Some of these dresses have taken in and pictures will show.

These dresses are super flexible due to the fact they are made of bamboo cotton.

Most Dresses have been worn in at least ONE press appearance.

All Dresses were washed twice before being put online.

Sunshine's Closet Princess Dress #4
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