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Noiice Dyes DICKIES Overalls #2

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When Dickies & Rainbows kiss... Flavor Happens!!

Introducing our newest artist and our newest product.  

Flavoralls!  aka Dickies Overalls tiedyed by Noiice Dyes...

The coolest tiedye overalls around!

These bad boys are Ice Dyed for you and as awesome as can be.

We can't keep these in stock in the shop!

On Dickies Overalls

Liquid Dyed

*Color Placement may vary from piece to piece*

  • 30-30
  • 32-30
  • 34-30
  • 36-30
  • 38-30
  • 40-30
  • 42-30
  • 44-30

Noiice Dyes DICKIES Overalls #2