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XL Ken Epp Huntress Dress #1

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Can you say HWI?  Let's just say, it involves Hot Water, Powered Dye & Soda Ash all mixed into one so that Chemistry stuff can happen and is the outcome of awesomeness! Okay this is a badass dress!! First off, it is made by Warrior Within Designs here in San Francisco, then we mail the White Dress to the wonderful and talented Ken Epp to have the Chemistry Happen! This dress may be worn as a Dress with a Cowl Neck, you can move that neck to a hood, or pull it over your shoulders to keep warm...WAIT...there is more, slip your arm out and have this epic one shoulder look or pop the other arm out and it is a tube top...AND you can pull up the strings in the skirt and bring it up, up, UP as short as you wanna go...even till that dress becomes a shirt. Support Ethical fashion and artists at the same time!  Size Extra Large out of American Made Bamboo. ***PLEASE NOTE*** This dress is ONE OF A KIND.

XL Ken Epp Huntress Dress #1
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