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Section 119 Phish Bandana #3

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The Donut Bandana has a durable, double-sided visual appeal, and versatility for the phestival scene, you have met your soul mate. This one-of-a-kind universe donut pattern bandana is made of 100% cotton which is perfect for on the go movers and shakers. 

The double-sided donut pattern has a navy base and a rich red that you can accessorize with just about anything. 

You'll love the length as it's perfect as a headband, necktie, scarf, dog identifier (we love dogs), crop top, or whatever else you choose to do with it. They're so strong you could probably use it as rope...

Size: 23″x23″

Exclusively designed by Sec.119

Section 119 Phish Bandana #3
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