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Medium CornDog Dyes Firebird Onesie #3

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What to the One of a Kind Awesomeness!  Ice Ice Baby, these CornDog Dyes (Chuck Brine...he may have looked like a corndog once!) Ice Dyes are off the CHAIN! This design is  made by Warrior Within Designs here in San Francisco, then we mail the White Onesie off to the Corndog for some dye condiments. This onesie is pretty epic and just so versatile!  It has an open back that can be pulled tighter or elongate, perfect for any torso length...this string also makes it possible to shift the fit to be tighter on the chest or waist, whichever you prefer.  One may wear this  Onesie with a Cowl Neck, you can move that neck to a hood, or pull it over your shoulders to keep warm...WAIT...there is more, slip your arm out and have this epic one shoulder look or pop the other arm out and it is a tube top... ****ALSO: this Onesie is beyond awesome because there is a String that loops around your back and you may tighten it to make any size fit you (as we have in these photos!) and you may adjust the areas where the fabric squishes from pulling the string so the dress is looser on your chest or stomach! Support Ethical fashion and artists at the same time!  Size:  Medium ***PLEASE NOTE*** ONE OF A KIND ~ Ice Dye

Medium CornDog Dyes Firebird Onesie #3
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