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Extra Small paul Kenney Waterfall Cardigan #1

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There is a Legend in the House.

The Blank is made in San Francisco by Warrior Within Designs out of Organic Bamboo Cotton and then we send the blank off to the Godfather of Tie Dye ~ Paul Kenney who lives close to the shop, "in between Facebook & Google" (in his own words)

Paul is a world renowned tiedyer.  His is the ONLY tiedyer with a style named after him, "The Kenney Style" which is known around the world.

It is a privilege to have his work inside of our Collective.

These Warrior Within Pieces are all ONE OF A KIND and the FIRST of the collection.

More will be slowly coming, so be patient and act quick.

If you want the best tiedye in town, this is it!

Size: Extra Small ~ and you know Sunny kept the smalls even though she is a medium!

Extra Small paul Kenney Waterfall Cardigan #1
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