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Section 119 Grateful Dead Socks #2

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Accessories constantly play an important role in Section 119. Archival Grateful Dead elements are brought to the forefront of design. In the Grateful Dead Space Your Face Socks, the classic Space Your Face design is used as the central focus on a pair of cotton blend socks. This logo personifies the Grateful Dead. This new design is created by accenting the Space Your Face design with a Starry backdrop.

These comfortable socks are great for both a board meeting or the floor of any concert! Keep your feet cozy with the best blend there could be in a sock. With cotton for comfort, nylon for durability, and lycra for stretch, your toes will thank you! No more hot, sweaty and uncomfortable feet on tour! You'll forget that these are even there. 

Grateful Dead Space Your Face Socks - exclusive design by Section 119

Section 119 Grateful Dead Socks #2
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