Amber Arrington #1 ~ 56X58  ~ Tapestries for a Cause

Amber Arrington #1 ~ 56X58 ~ Tapestries for a Cause

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This tapestry makes our hearts sing! 
All Proceeds go to HealthRight 360 ~ do NOT use a discount code for this if you can help it please
Artist: ​Amber Arrington AKA Jamber's House of Color we had this amazing tie dye tapestry competition and then this whole pandemic action happened and it took a big dump on our Gala. 
Have no fear, the Gala is happening just probably in 2021...orrrrrrrrrr
like for reals what happened 2020!  

With everything going on right now Love on Haight has acknowledged a few things, our artists need money, and our medical nonprofits need money. 
We are selling these Tapestries to raise money for HealthRight360 the MOST AMAZING FREE MEDICAL NONPROFIT EVER that gives free health care to over 500,000 throughout California.
Love on Haight will NOT be keeping any money from this Sale!

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