Teamwork Face Tube Project

Love on Haight ~ Teamwork Face Tube Project

On March 15th, Love on Haight made the hard decision to close its doors due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  While we had a busy week of sales, we understood that by being open we were not helping anyone. On March 16th, Mayor London Breed announced Shelter in Place starting at midnight.

On the 16th, Sunshine Powers, owner of Love on Haight boarded up the windows and spray painted the lyrics of “Touch of Grey” on the front of the shop.  The image of the front of Love on Haight with these lyrics have become an iconic symbol of Hope worldwide during this pandemic.

But how would Love on Haight Survive?

Love on Haight is an artist Collective that supports over 150 artists and employees 7-10 amazing would we get by?

Through Teamwork.

Love on Haight has started the “Teamwork Face Tube Project.”

The project includes:

-Having the staff at Love on Haight sew face tubes, a garment that now is a necessity for almost all of the 7 billion people in the world.  The staff is working full time sewing both printed fabric face tubes as well as bamboo cotton face tubes.

-The bamboo cotton face tubes are sent out to all of our dyers, ensuring that everyone gets work through this time. (Love on Haight is also keeping their artists busy tiedying  for the online store which is surprising staying busy & having our artists make different varieties of masks.)

-Any face tube that is not up to our most awesome standards is not wasted but donated to different homeless groups in the Haight & the Tenderloin...we are past 100 donated at this point.

After our first round, we have expanded our size selection that will soon include small/medium/large.

Once Love on Haight opens again, all Teamwork face tubes will be sewn in store at 1400 Haight Street.  This is our way of keeping our staff busy and employed during what we know is going to be a slow retail season in the store. 

Throughout all of this, Love on Haight remains dedicated to its mission statement: To Revitalize the Haight and to bring back the Color, Creativity & Consciousness that the Haight is historically known for.

What happened over 50 years ago in the Haight Ashbury shaped who we are as a society, and what we are doing in the Haight now...will help shape the next 50 years to come.


Sunshine “Sunny” Powers, 

the Ladies of Love on Haight and all 150 of our Amazing Artists.