Love History

Love on Haight is a beacon to all that is Haight Ashbury.  We have been a tiedye shop for over twenty five years.  It started as “Positively Haight Street” owned by famed tiedyer James (Jim) Preston who held down the corner for many years.  In 2012, Ben “Jammin” StRebel bought the shop from Jim and opened “Jammin on Haight” keeping the spirit of the Summer of Love alive with locally made tiedye produced by his own family.  Over the next few years Benjamin and Co-Owner/ Manager Sunshine “Sunny” Powers made it their mission to revitalize Haight Street and to bring back the color, creativity and consciousness that Haight Street is historically known for.

In 2014, Sunshine started to work with a non-profit that had just started, Taking it to the Streets (TITTS) that seeks to find solutions for the homeless youth issues that plague Haight Street by offering youth shelter, food, job training and addiction treatment in exchange for them cleaning our community, taking care of the store fronts, and manning the public showers and toilets that TITTS brought in.  Taking it to the Streets currently has gotten over 143 homeless youth off the street in the last two years.  The organization has also received the largest grant in the history of San Francisco for homelessness, as well as achieving the supervisor award for changing the way that San Francisco views homelessness.

On January 1st 2017, Sunshine Powers ~ a native San Franciscan, obtained full ownership of the store and changed the name to Love on Haight in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.  With the promise to continue the mission of revitalizing the street through the power of love and community and to honor those who had held the corner and help set the foundation for the shop that is known as the gateway to Haight & Ashbury.  Love on Haight still features the tiedye of the Jammin Family as well as other magical tiedye artists who are all friends and family of Sunshine Powers and the shop.   Ms Powers has made it the goal of the company to not only focus on the spreading of Rainbows & Sparkles but also the power of Love, Peace & Kindness, believing firmly that if the company focuses on that…the rest will fall into place.

Love on Haight also gives a portion of its profits to Taking it to the Streets because we need to fix the issue of homelessness that plagues Haight Street and it is about finding real solutions to real problems.

Love is the most powerful thing in the world…and the power to Change the world comes from Within!


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