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Ways to Help West Coast Fire Victims

Ways to Help West Coast Fire Victims


Love on Haight is Dedicated to helping our neighbors and our community!!

A portion of our sales for the month of September will be donated to helping the fire victims on the West Coast.

Here is how you can help...


California Fire Relief

California Fire Foundation


Meals of Gratitude


Norther Ca Fires

North Valley Community Foundation


Latino Community Foundation Norcal Wildfire Relief Fund


Puente Emergency Fire Relief Fund for South Coast Families

Southern Ca Fires

The Southern California Disaster Relief Fund


Santa Cruz Fires

Santa Cruz Fire Response Fund


Creek Fire Relief

August Complex Fire


Oregon/Washington Fires

Mid Valley Wildfire Relief Fund


Northwest Response Fund


 Mckenzie/Holiday Farm Fire


West Coast & Colorado Fire Relief

Wildfire Relief Fund (Organized by GoFundMe),seen%20wildfires%20devastate%20entire%20communities.&text=Donate%20to%20this%20general%20relief,related%20to%20the%20recent%20wildfires.

Items Needed

hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, first aid kid, soap, water, pet food, blankets, clothes, shoes, diapers, toys, paper towels, personal cleaning wipes, non perishable food items, canned food, toilet paper....

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