Love on Haight ~ Love is the Answer.

Love on Haight is dedicated to the revitalization of Haight Street by bringing back the color, creativity & consciousness that this street is historically known for.  Fifty years ago in 1967, what happened on these magical streets shaped who we are as a society today and what the community is doing here now will influence the next 50 years…this is our duty as members of this iconic neighborhood.

Love on Haight is one of the last artisan shops on the street, dedicated to giving you the most psychedelic fashion created by our family & friends.  We are firm believers in spreading Rainbows, Sparkles, Peace, Love & Kindness.  We feel blessed to be the rainbow ambassadors to the Haight-Ashbury.

In January of 2017, Sunshine Powers, who was co-owner of Jammin on Haight with Benjammin St.Rebel received money from a private investor to buy the shop in it’s entirety.  She then changed the name to “Love on Haight” in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and because we need more LOVE on Haight Street. Instead of paying the investor back, Sunshine is to give all the money to Taking it to the Streets (TITTS.)  Over the next 10 years this shop will get another 300 homeless youth off of Haight Street.

Taking it to the Streets (TITTS) is a nonprofit homeless youth organization in the upper Haight providing shelter, food, job training, addiction treatment and a purpose of community by enlisting the youth to clean the streets, maintain storefronts and man the public showers & toilets that we have brought in.  In the three years  since its conception, TITTS has gotten 250 homeless youth off of Haight Street and improved our community by leaps and bounds.  We just received the largest grant in the history of San Francisco for homelessness as well as the Supervisor Award for changing the way the San Francisco views homelessness.  It is about finding real solutions to real problems.

When you walk into Love on Haight you will feel the Love emulating off the walls and hopefully you will take that love and encourage more…